We Deliver Turn-key Service for Your Small or Large-Scale Commercial PV System…


Commercial solar systems are elegantly simple: photovoltaic panels generating power without moving parts or fuel. CEJ specialize in the selecting and configuring the right combination of panels, mounting equipment, and inverters requiring not only engineering know-how and cutting edge market knowledge, but more importantly the ability to marry this to a mega watt class site and the Japanese FIT scheme seamlessly to achieve the deadlines of our clients.


CEJ has experience with a wide range of technologies and practices. We are brand and technology agnostic, weighing several factors in recommending the right technology and manufacturer for each of the commercial solar systems we have designed and installed here in Japan- beating Japanese companies prices by 20-40% for mega watt class installs.


Solar PV Modules (panels)

Crystalline, thin film, and flexible

  • Crystalline modules have a proven track record and high generation efficiency, making them appropriate for space-constrained sites. Thin film technologies offer a lower-cost alternative at lower efficiencies.
Mounting and Siting Solutions

Rooftop photovoltaic systems, affixed, ballasted, ground mount, building-integrated, tracking both horizontal and vertical and both.

  • Systems can be installed on various roof types, on the ground, or integrated into the building structure.
  • Analysis of client objectives, technology selection, and site conditions will indicate how panels should be mounted: flat, fixed tilt, or actively tracking the sun.

Standard and micro-inverters

  • The direct current generated by PV systems is converted to alternating current by inverters. Selecting the right technology and specifications is important to performance and ROI.

Net-metered (building connected), utility connected, or off-grid

  • Based on a wide range of experience, CEJ compliments technical capability with assistance to clients during the application process for installs, interconnection, and the grid connect activation process with utilities and compliance officials here in Japan.